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Linux Server Management Delhi

Linux Server Management

Please keep in mind server management , monitoring and its security is a way of life and a life style. It is a set of procedures and policies that must be malleable, and yet followed consistently.

There is no such thing as a one time hardening just like there is no such thing as a one time anti-virus install. As new threats or attacks arise, it’s important that you never allow yourself to feel too safe or too secure, always check things out, always be open to learning new security philosophies, and always be on the look out for suspicious activity on your machines.

Daily work for

Linux Server Management

  1.     Install patches as necessary; do on a regular basis
  2.     Disable telnet
  3.     Do an initial hardening of the operating system
  4.     Remove regular user and world access from c compilers
  5.     Secure host.conf
  6.     Install chkrootkit, and set up in cron
  7.     Install root kit hunter, and set up in cron
  8.     Install rootcheck, and set up in cron
  9.     Install logwatch
  10.     Disable direct root login
  11.     Only allow certain IP’s access to SSH
  12.     Install a firewall
  13.     Recreate the /tmp directory on its own partition
  14.     Secure shared memory
  15.     Remove unnecessary packages
  16.     Set PHP up for safe mode on
  17.     Turn off server signatures
  18.     If you are going to grant shell access in a shared environment
  19.     What if I have to regenerate the SSH Key?
  20.     Change your passwords on a regular basis
  21.     Daily routine

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